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Thanks so much for visiting Are You Really In? (AYRI for short). My name is Tamika, I love Jesus and I’m excited to use the gifts and talents He’s given me to help others. This blog is one example of that.

I started this blog to encourage and challenge those like me who are passionate about Jesus and want to live their lives in a way that pleases Him. It’s a daily battle to live for God moment by moment but I continue to pursue growth in this area with God’s help.

The Reason Behind the Name Are You Really In?

In my life, I encounter situations and scenarios that often make me feel like Jesus is asking me the question Are You Really In? which is often a question of trust.

This question can unfold so many different ways in specific circumstances and this blog will highlight these and other questions we have to answer as followers of Jesus. AYRI will also feature fellow brothers and sisters in Christ on their journey and commitment to be ALL in.

For me, some of the questions I’ve grappled with as a Christian include:

✢    Are you really committed to following Jesus despite the fact that it may mean standing alone?

✢    Are you bold enough to live out your beliefs even when they seem so counter-cultural?

✢    Is your personal relationship with Jesus evident by the way you interact with people?

As you browse this site, I pray that you are encouraged to grow in your relationship with God or you are encouraged to learn about this God who loves you so much!

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  1. J. Maria says:

    Hi Tamika, I only started to peruse your blog a few minutes ago and I am already loving it ! Truly looking forward to reading each and every post. Cheers !!

    1. Thanks so much for kind words. I pray God blesses through something you read here.

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