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AYRI- 22/5 Challenge- Wk 8

He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak. Isaiah 40:29 (NIV)

ball with the words never give up

I took another break from my Armor of God passage as I’m trying to memorise this in tandem with the Bible study I am working through. In the meantime, I’m mixing in some other verses that I love during the challenge.

This verse is a short but popular one and with good reason. With the different situations and circumstances we face in life which have the potential to bring us low, we often need to cling to verses like these to remember God’s goodness and His promises to us. When we are extremely tired and have no strength to go on, it’s such a comfort to know that God fills us up with the strength and power that we need.

When we reach the end of ourselves, we discover more of Him.

Are You Really In?

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