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AYRI- 8 Favourite Childhood Book Series

For this month’s blog challenge, I’m sharing some of my favourite series from childhood and my teenage years. Reminiscing on these books brought back lots of happy memories for me. So let’s get started.

Favourite Childhood Book Series

1/ Secret Seven

I listed this series first as it was through a book in this series that I discovered my love for reading. My mum had borrowed the book from the mobile library that visited the school and I had been upset as I didn’t want anything to do with reading. Then after school, my mum made me sit with her as she read the first chapter. I was instantly hooked and completed the book on my own a few days later. The rest is history as they say.

2/ Famous Five

This series became a fast favourite as I read about the adventures of George, her cousins Julian, Dick and Anne and not forgetting Timmy, the dog. This series certainly helped to broaden my perspective and jump-start my sense of adventure in some ways.

3/ The Faraway Tree

This was a small Enid Blyton collection, however, I loved this series growing up and I have lots of happy memories of reading these books. It was great to read and re-read these books about the Faraway tree with its unique residents and the different lands that come to rest at the top of the tree offering new adventures to the 3 siblings who live nearby.

4/ Nancy Drew

These hardcover yellow Nancy Drew books were definitely really popular during my pre-teen and teen years. It was always fun to read about what this famous girl detective was up to next as she solved mysteries around the world. One of my favourites from the series was The  Mysterious Mannequin, as the ending was a great surprise to me.

I also graduated to Nancy Drew on Campus as she continued to solve mysteries at college.

5/ Hardy Boys

For me, Hardy Boys was the male-oriented version of Nancy Drew with the two teen brothers Frank and Joe who were also detectives. They definitely took after their dad who was a private investigator. I still preferred the Nancy Drew mysteries but these were also fun to read.

6/ Clearwater Crossing

I didn’t get to read too many in this series as they weren’t all available locally, however, I did enjoy the books in this series that I was able to read. The characters felt real and relatable, which is one of the reasons why this is one of the series stays with me.

7/ Diary of a Teenage Girl

This series was my first foray into the world of Christian fiction. The storyline for each of the girls (Caitlin, Chloe, Kim, Maya) formed its own series. I received the first book in the series as a gift which was Caitlin’s story and this really was impactful in my life. It made me think more about my relationship with God and how I as a teenager could live my life in a way that honoured Him.

8/ Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul

This series is the only non-fiction on my list. I loved these books as it was great to realize that other teens in the world were going through the same things that I was. It really was a “me too’ feeling that I experienced from some of the stories shared. I was also challenged, inspired, encouraged and blessed by this series. It really is aptly named as it truly makes you feel better. I love that they have so many different themes, you can definitely find a Chicken Soup book that speaks to whatever you’re going through in your life.

Reading has certainly been a journey for me in and of itself as I have matured. Now, I tend to read mostly non-fiction with a few fictional books mixed in. Nothing quite compares to losing yourself in a good story for a few hours ♥

What were some of your favourite series or books growing up?

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