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AYRI- Adding Life to Year 29 (GIVING)

This post feels as though it’s been a long time coming as God has shown me so much recently on giving. Now that we are in December and are in Christmas mode, giving certainly is in the air as we shop for presents for family and friends.

Christmas gifts and Christmas balls for the tree

It’s easy to become caught up in the busyness of Christmas as we run here and there preparing, at the expense of Jesus- our reason why we celebrate Christmas. God gave us the best gift ever in His son being born in a manger, the Savior of the world. I’m challenged first & foremost to take time to remember and enjoy the gift of Jesus even more so than any physical gift I may receive this year.

Also, at Christmas time we are presented with opportunities to give in a variety of ways during this season including oaur time, finances, talents and gifts. Often times, we only think of money which we use to purchase physical gifts for others or we give hard cold cash but it’s important to broaden our scope and consider how we can be generous with our personal gifts and time to bless and serve others. I’m reminded that Christmas is Jesus’ birthday, not mine and He came to give Himself away, the best example to follow.

I’m reading a great book The Generosity Bet by William High, where he shares the stories of different Christian pastors and business owners as God taught them what it means for them to be generous in their circumstances. Seeing how God has partnered with others to advance His kingdom has been truly eye-opening. As I look ahead to 2018, I’m encouraged to learn more about God’s desires for me in the areas of finance and giving and discover how He would have me give in this new season.

However, there’s nothing stopping me from starting in small ways now as 2017 comes to a close. I’m therefore keeping my eyes open for ways that I can give and working to steward what God has entrusted me with during December which can become a fight to not get carried away and go overboard.


Adding Giving to Year 29- Practically

  • Give to a charity this Christmas- I’m challenged to expand my giving and contribute financially to make Christmas time better for a child overseas
  • Start an Answered Prayer jar/list- Giving is closely linked to blessing, I’m already capturing my thankfulnesses and I would like to add Answered Prayers.
  • Complete The Generosity Bet & start a new book the same area in 2018- I’m challenged to learn more so I can grow more.


How can you give this Christmas?


Are You Really In?

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