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AYRI- Adding Life to Year 29 (HOPE)

Leading up to my birthday, the word hope had been following me around. It’s been in the songs I’ve listened to, the various books and articles I’ve read, the conversations I’ve had and it has dominated my thoughts. I blogged about it here too.

As this seems to be the overall theme for me, I thought it best to start here for Adding Life to Year 29.

Seeing how September has unfolded with hurricanes and other natural disasters which have been devastating, I better understand the need for hope now more than ever. It’s easy to sink into the negative with all the destruction that is seen all around than to seek out the glimpses of hope seen amidst these circumstances and also to look ahead to the hope in the future.

leaves in fall that have started to change colours

I’m reminded of September in the UK, the start of autumn as the tree leaves become colourful and begin to fall. Even as these leaves die and trees start to look bare, there is the season of spring up ahead when the trees will be fully clothed in new leaves to replace those that were lost. Even in God’s creation, we see examples of hope.

So what does it look like for me to add hope to year 29? Seeing that I started this journey on my birthday (3rd September), I chose 3 ways that I will incorporate this in a practical way.

Adding Hope to Year 29- Practically

  • Live with anticipation & excitement about the opportunities of each day
  • List 1 thing I am grateful for everyday- in thanking God I find myself in a place of hope
  • Intentionally share encouragement with those who are struggling

How can you add hope to your year?


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