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AYRI- Awesome Autumn Adventure (UK)

Your life is a journey you must travel with a deep consciousness of God… 1 Peter 1:18 (MSG)

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I spent a fantastic fortnight in the UK visiting friends, travelling & sightseeing as well as participating in various activities. Visiting the UK is like going home so it was great to be around so many familiar sights while at the same time acknowledging the changes since my last visit.

This trip was part of my 30th birthday celebrations so I made sure to include some new adventures along with my normal activities.

Bethel Music UK Tour- Birmingham concert. What a powerful night!
cross at otford manor
Oak Hall Retreat- view from the field     
cardiff castle from bute park
Cardiff Castle- First time to Wales!

Each time I travel to the UK, I always leave with much more than what I arrived with physically of course (with my luggage) but also spiritually, emotionally and mentally. The time often acts as a reset for me in terms of my focus. So what did I learn/gain on this trip?

Here are some examples:

great britain icon   I understood on a deeper level the importance of Rest & Relaxation

It’s easy to get caught up in the projects and what I want to accomplish at the expense of rest. However, this trip provided a crystal clear reminder of why rest is important and how it enriches my life. Since returning, I’ve reviewed my schedule and included more time to rest and relax.

great britain icon  I learnt more about love

It’s always difficult when my trip is coming to an end and I prepare to return to Barbados where I’m currently based. I find this quote sums up the feeling very well for me.

travel quote

great britain icon  I gained a new travel companion 🙂

Toatie, the wee highland cow (heeland coo if you want to sound Scottish) is my new travel companion. He left his bonnie Scotland to travel the world, brave lad! Follow his adventures here.

Tamika and Toatie having tea


It truly was an amazing time away and I look forward to seeing the fruit in my life from the seeds that were planted during this period. To read about the German leg of this autumn trip, click here.

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  1. Marjorie says:

    Hi Tamika
    I can’t wait for the book that’s on the inside of you to come out!!

    I love what you learnt about love?I can so relate to that feeling. Oh and let’s not forget Toatie!! I look forward to his adventures?
    Your posts are like a breath of fresh air… Thank you for sharing and including me in the adventure.?

    1. Thanks for your kind comments Marjorie. That’s good to hear that you could relate to my point about love. Yes, Toatie has been on the move discovering life on the rock. He will be on the trot again next year so be sure to follow his adventures 🙂

  2. Ronteé says:

    ?? I loved this post! Especially Toatie’s adventures. I shall follow him on Facebook. I also like how you highlighted how important it is to rest which is very true.

    1. Thanks for your comment 🙂 Toatie is becoming a quick favourite, he’s too cute for his own good. Yes, rest is key but one of the first things we overlook. Get your rest on! lol

  3. Raquel says:

    Hey Tamika,
    Thank you for taking us though your journey, and letting us meet Toatie ?I can sense your love for the UK, and it’s always exciting for me to travel through other people’s experience of a place, particularly, places where I’ve visited, and seeing their perspective.
    Looking forward to where your next adventures take you, oh yah and Toatie too.
    Btw- love the Twitter post with the pic in your bethel hat #thankfitness – whole other side of you. Continue to enjoy and embrace the adventures!!

    1. Hi Raquel, thanks so much for your comment. I’m glad you enjoyed the post. Toatie and I will be on the move next year so be sure to keep up with us on Facebook.

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