AYRI Book Corner- Sex, Jesus and the Conversations the Church Forgot

AYRI Book Corner- Sex, Jesus And The Conversations The Church Forgot

Sex, Jesus And The Conversations The Church Forgot

by Mo Isom

I’m excited to kick off this new series with an unusual book that really was an eye-opening read: Sex, Jesus And the Conversations The Church Forgot. Sex is certainly not a subject widely discussed or preached about in Christian settings that I’ve been a part of so it was quite refreshing to read Mo’s testimony which didn’t run from the issue but tackled it head-on.

Quick Summary

Mo uses her own personal testimony to share how God transformed her life and particularly in the area of sexuality. The way the book is structured, it walks you through each stage of her journey- from her pledge to remain a virgin until marriage at nine to her teenage and early adult years when she struggled with sexual sin as she lacked the true understanding of why she should remain a virgin to God transforming her life & mind and giving her a new heart which she gave to her husband Jeremiah in a beautiful story only God could write. It’s full of scripture as well that Mo references and refers to throughout the book.

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What Hit Me First

Reading the blurb on the back of the book, what stood out for me about this book was the fact that Mo was willing to be so open and vulnerable about this area of her life so that her journey could help others. Also, the tagline “Sex was God’s idea. Let’s invite him back into the bedroom” made me curious to read how she would handle this topic.

What I Learnt (3 Nuggets)

Choosing to Choose for Ourselves

I loved how Mo shared about how we often sin not because we want to be bad but we want to choose for ourselves.

God lovingly puts boundaries in our lives to protect us from harm similar to a father who puts a gate at the top of stairs to prevent his child from falling down the stairs and getting hurt. However, God gave us free will so we can choose to ignore these boundaries in our life and wander which often results in pain. When we trust that God has our best interests at heart like the father protecting his child, we can stay within the boundaries set and still experience a full and exciting life.

Description of Sex

Mo talks about sex within the context of marriage as an all-inclusive act invented by God and summarises how it affects us physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

I loved this as often we see or hear sex reduced to a physical act and we therefore only see one piece of a much much bigger picture of this beautiful gift from God. When we are able to really view sex in its entirety, we better understand why God has put it within the confines of marriage.

Sexpectations in Marriage

Mo took the time to discuss the unrealistic expectations with which we can approach marriage and those from her own personal experience.

This was another favourite as it gave me a peek into some of the struggles that can exist within a marriage due to unrealistic expectations of a couple regarding sex. Mo shared how her sexual past kept affecting those early days in her marriage, how she had to work through certain thought patterns she had regarding sex and how she and her husband turned to God in prayer. Also, it was a great reminder that the devil opposes marriage and works to separate couples and cause divisions in marriage. Sex can therefore be a weapon as well as a tool for worship.

Why You Should Read It

Sex, Jesus And the Conversations The Church Forgot is true to its title and tackles aspects and questions about sex that churches often don’t talk about but yet we all ask and wonder. It gives biblical answers to the questions and stands in stark contrast to what we see and hear in the media. I have read quite a few Christian books on dating/relationships/sex and I still learnt a lot from this book. Since I bought it, I’ve already come back to it and re-read some areas a few times already so this is clearly a valuable addition to my book collection. If you want to understand God’s design for sex and learn how you can honour Him with your sexuality (no matter your past), then this is a must-read for you.

Theme Song

I often have a soundtrack on repeat in my head during the day and songs come to mind while I read. The key one that became my theme song is You Say by Lauren Daigle.

The themes of identity and worth ran right through this book. Mo shared multiple times about us needing to recognise our worth as God’s creations and understanding that our identity comes from God. This then changes our approach to sexuality.

Lauren’s song is a powerful anthem of how God sees each of us as His children and what God says about us.

“The only thing that matters now is everything You think of me

In you I find my worth, I find my identity” Lauren Daigle


God, thank you that You love us and You gave us the gift of sex to be enjoyed within the boundaries of marriage. Thank you that we do not need to look to another human being to define our worth and tell us who we are. We can come to You, the God who created us to tell us exactly who You’ve made us to be. Remind us as often as we need that we have value by simply being Your children.

Thank you that You’re the God of second, third and fourth chances. You offer a better way and a future that does not have to be defined by our past.


Read a Sample

You can read a sample of Sex, Jesus And the Conversations The Church Forgot on Amazon.

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  1. J. Maria says:

    Thanks for sharing. I will add it to my list.

    1. You’re welcome 🙂

  2. Julie-Ann says:

    Thanks for your honest feedback. Do you think this is a good book for a teenager?

    1. Thank you for your comment. I think it would be better suited to those who are college age and older. For a teen, I’d consider 40 Day Journey To Purity. There’s a book for guys and one for girls and they also have short youtube videos that go along with each day of the journey.

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