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AYRI- Cue, Play, Repeat (No Longer-Nichole Nordeman)

I’ve been challenged and encouraged by this lovely song No Longer by Nichole Nordeman. I recently discovered it and it’s certainly been on repeat often these past few months. There are so many discussion points from the lyrics of this song, I’ll share two lines in the song that really impacted me personally:

  • And let the safety net burn down

It’s my tendency to play it safe and test everything before stepping out. However, following Jesus often means stepping out where we can’t see and trusting Him to catch and support us as we pursue that to which He has called us. Instead of having my own TG-created safety net, I’m learning to let that burn and allow Jesus to become my safety net as He will never let me fall.

  • I thought living safe meant living stronger

When I first heard this line, I had what I called a T-Piphany (combo of my first initial T & epiphany) as I understood the lie that I had been believing. I resonated with these lyrics as I realised that I was unconsciously living safe thinking I was better for it and becoming stronger. However, it was actually having the opposite effect as being “safe” meant missing out on experiences to connect and grow. For example, when I was struggling with loneliness, the safe thing would have been to deal with it myself rather than taking the risk to be vulnerable and possibly being hurt. I took the risk and shared what I was going through with a friend and was incredibly encouraged by her input which allowed me to become stronger in this area.

Disclaimer: Practising safety is good, I’m talking specifically about situations where we tell ourselves we’re being safe when in reality we are allowing fear to dictate our actions and it is restricting us from what God wants us to do.


There is so much in this song, I encourage you to have a listen:


What lie are you believing that you need to replace with God’s truth?

Are You Really In?


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