The map of Germany in the colours of the flag with DRT 2018 in the centre

Pre-DRT Prayer Points

24th Sep, 2018

  • DRT Theory: Due to personal circumstances I am still working through some aspects of the course. Please pray that I wrap this up as soon as possible.
  • Trip Preparation: As I make final preparations, please pray for good time management so I can accomplish all that I need to before I leave.

5th Sep, 2018

  • DRT Theory: I am to complete this portion online next week (10th-16th September). Please pray for focus and understanding as I study.
  • Learning German: Although the training will be in English. I need to make my way from the airport to the training center in Mosbach so it will be helpful for me to learn some German to aid me as I travel. Please pray that I remember the German that I am learning and that I continue to improve in my listening, speaking and reading skills.