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AYRI- In Sickness

The last couple of weeks I had been a bit under the weather. I also had some back pain that I never experienced before (it has improved now thankfully) which made it difficult to move around and sit upright and I had committed to be at a half day sit down event on the weekend. Through this experience, I really experienced God in a new way.

It took me back to my time in Israel when I was sick during a part of the trip. We had one day of sightseeing in Jerusalem and I didn’t want to miss out on it so I pushed through that morning. While walking along with my group, our team leader turned to me and encouraged me to praise and thank God during that sickness. I remember looking at her and thinking I feel so horrible, why would I want to praise now, this makes no sense. I guess she could see I was struggling so she prayed for me.

overlooking the Sea of Galillee in Israel

Fast forward to this episode a couple of weeks ago…

In those moments of intense back pain, I found myself praying and singing King of My Heart (love this version by Steffany Gretzinger), and kept repeating the chorus which is a declaration of God’s goodness. I was praising God despite how my body felt. I had finally grasped the perspective my team leader had tried to share with me- God’s goodness & love is not determined by what I feel or experience but by who He is.

Can you praise God when you are sick or in pain?


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