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AYRI- Seed vs Bread

Now he who supplies seed to the sower and bread for food will also supply and increase your store of seed and will enlarge the harvest of your righteousness. 2 Cor 9: 10 (NIV)

At my church on Sunday, our pastor’s wife Dr. Dawn-Marie Pearson shared on this verse specifically regarding the seed and the bread. Dr. Dawn-Marie stressed that it’s very important for us to be able to differentiate between the seed which we sow to reap a harvest later and the bread that we eat now.

A seed is extremely powerful. It seems so small in the beginning, so inconsequential, dead even, but when planted in the ground, watered and cared for, it can produce a bountiful harvest. I remember being so fascinated with pine cones in the UK after only reading about them (I kept the first one I saw for weeks). The seed from that small pine cone produces a large tree that can provide food, shade and shelter.

a pine cone

Dr. Dawn-Marie used the example of Jesus who came to earth and like a seed he was buried in ground and raised from the dead 3 days later which produced a harvest of believers who are reunited forever with God.

We need to ask the Holy Spirit for guidance so that we can see what bread we have to eat now and what seed we should plant so we can reap the harvest later. By misidentifying the seed and the bread that God gives to us, we can rob ourselves of certain blessings that God has for us. If we eat our seed now, the bread cannot be planted and we will have nothing to harvest later.

I’m challenged this week to look at the different projects and opportunities I have in front of me and ask the Holy Spirit to help me determine which are bread that help me in the present or short-term and those which are seeds that need to be planted in order to reap a harvest in the medium or long-term.

I’ve learnt that planting seeds requires hope and plenty of patience. It’s hard to wait when it often appears as though nothing is happening as there is no visible sign of progress. However, that’s the time to really press into God and trust that He who promised is faithful.

What seed do you have in your life that needs to be planted which may initially look like bread to eat now?


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  1. Marjorie says:

    What do I have in my hand? Is it sees it bread Let me go and check..?

    1. It really is great to check and not just go as it’s in our hand.

  2. Such an inspiring and timely post Tamika!

    1. Thanks Raquel. There was definitely a lot to work with from Dr. Dawn-Marie.

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