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I’ve always been fascinated by superhero movies where ordinary people discover their superpower and use it to help others. I grew up watching the Captain Planet series (Wind was my favourite power) and some of my favourite movies included The Incredibles, Fantastic Four and Superman.

I was in discussion with Julie-Ann, a friend from church, who had recently watched a superhero movie and she explained that she thinks God has given each of us as His children a superpower that we can use to help others and glorify Him. It’s not necessarily something that others automatically see or know about us but when the need arises as with superheroes, our superpower is activated and we are able to help in amazing ways.

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I loved this concept and immediately started to think about what “superpower” I may have. Julie-Ann thought that mine was service and as I thought about it some more, I realised that she was onto something. Service for each of us as Christians can unfold in so many different ways. For me, I’m not so much the type that notices a need before it becomes apparent unless it is something extremely obvious. However, when a need is pointed out and I can assist, I hop on board.

God has created us all so uniquely that each superpower is activated differently in our lives.

One activation of my service superpower is serving in overseas mission trips where we share God’s love with those we meet. I’ve travelled to 5 countries serving with different organisations, met some amazing people and helped in unique ways. I’ve found that in these environments although it can be challenging at times, I’ve also felt very alive and experienced deep contentment and peace. It’s amazing to know that you are doing what God has created you to do.

Why You Should Discover Your Superpower

  • Purpose- Understanding what you are created to do provides you with a sense of direction and purpose
  • Joy- Being a round peg in a square hole is uncomfortable at best; finding that divine fit unlocks joy deep within
  • Support- Your superpower is to help & support those around you, not using it or discovering what it is causes others to miss out


Ultimately, we use our superpower to “save the day” making it better in some way thus playing our part in the fulfilment of God’s master plan.


Discover your superpower and help save the world!


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