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AYRI- The GLS 2018 Experience (Day 1)

“Everyone wins when a leader gets better.” Bill Hybels

Last week I spent an amazing two days at the Global Leadership Summit (GLS) 2018 where I was poured into by a 10 member faculty who shared on various aspects of leadership via videocast. I experienced a wide range of emotions during the conference as I laughed, shed a few tears and took in a ton of information over those 2 days. God really used the experience to shake up my life and reveal some things for me to act on during this year.

As I’ve been asked about the conference and my experience, I thought a post would be a great way to recap the conference and share some of my takeaways.

Day 1

Session 1- Bill Hybels (Senior Pastor of Willow Creek Church and Founder of the Global Leadership Summit)

Bill gave insights into various topics including planting leadership seeds in young leaders, succession planning and leading in a culture of divisiveness & disrepect. He issued several challenges as he ended his talk and one resonated with me.

TG Takeaway: Spend 15 minutes each day in reflection on your day and your life

Session 2- Laszlo Bock (Best Selling Author, Google’s former Senior Vice President of People Operations who grew the company from 6,000 to over 75,000 employees)

Laszlo shared on some of the best practices for work to find the right people, grow them and keep them. He encouraged us to find out what drives us in our work.

Quote: The most important thing you can do as a leader is to give people’s work meaning. Laszlo Bock

Session 2- Juliet Funt (Founder of WhiteSpace at Work which seeks to unburden companies and employees from busywork)

Juliet’s talk was extremely humourous as she shared about whitespace- a strategic pause in your day taken between activities. She also highlighted 4 thieves to productivity and benefits of a reductive mindset. She ended her talk with a memorable story to illustrate the importance of being present at home with family. A wife was invited by her husband and daughter to join them on a spontaneous drive & picnic, however, she chose to work instead. The husband passed away the next day and the wife lived with the regret of not taking the ride.

TG Takeaway: Add whitespace in my workday.

Session 3- Bryan Stevenson (Founder of Equal Justice Initiative, highly acclaimed activist and lawyer)

Bryan spoke on how to be an effective leader by getting proximate to the people affected, changing the narrative, staying hopeful and being willing to do uncomfortable things.

Quote: Always do the right thing even when the right thing is the hard thing. Bryan Stevenson

Session 4- Andy Stanley (Founder of North Point Ministries, Leadership Author & Communicator)

Andy spoke about his church’s success and their desire to find out what was the main cause for their success. He focussed on 1 of those reasons- they had a uniquely better product. Andy gave observations on how to recognise “uniquely better” in your company/organisation. These included being a student, not a critic and keeping your eyes & mind wide open.

TG Takeaway: WOW ideas to life, don’t how them to death

Andy’s session completed Day 1 at GLS. The conference also included videos entitled Grander Vision where individuals shared on how God helped them to discover the grander vision for their lives. The videos highlighted the difference these individuals are making as they surrender their vision for how their lives should go and partner with God in His “grander” vision.

GLS  Day 1 Thankfulness- I was extremely blessed to have my lunch purchased by another delegate at the conference whom I had never met until she approached me and offered to purchase my lunch.

Read about Day 2 here.

Global Leadership Conference 0218- chalkboard with words on what leadership means

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  1. Ronnie Quimby says:

    I am excited for the ripple effect this summit is having on your life.
    look forward to hearing and seeing your ‘grander vision’ story

    1. Thank you for your comment. There are more GLS related posts in the works. Looking forward to seeing what God does during this year.

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