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AYRI- The GLS 2018 Experience (Day 2)

“Nothing that happens in this world happens unless leaders lead it.” Bill Hybels

After eagerly anticipating GLS 2018 for almost the entire year, I was excited to be midway. Day 1 had been powerful (read my Day 1 post here) and I was expecting Day 2 to top that.

I continue here with my GLS 2018 conference recap.

Day 2

Session 5- Fredrik Haren (Author & Business Creativity Expert)

Fedrik’s talk encouraged to examine the importance of creativity in leadership and seek ways to inspire creativity in our lives and in those we lead.

Quote: Leaders who encourage creativity, encourage growth. Fredrik Haren

Session 5- Marcus Buckingham (Best Selling Author, Founder of The Marcus Buckingham Company)

Marcus has studied success and provided insights into conditions that exist on high performing teams compared to low performing teams. He also explained why performance ratings as they are currently done in the workplace do not work and provided a solution. Finally he concluded that the purpose of work is to discover that which you love.

TG Takeaway: Select 3 statements of high performing teams that matter most to me and note changes I can make to better reflect these.

Session 6- Sam Adeyemi (Founder & Senior Pastor of Daystar Christian Centre, Nigeria)

Sam shared on leadership from the inside out and how to help others discover their sense of identity in order to experience this transformation in their heart. He challenged us to continue to be transformed personally and re-invent ourselves over & over modelling this inside out transformation.

Quote: To become someone you have never been, you need to let go of who you have been until now. Sam Adeyemi

Session 7- Imaculee Iligaziba (Best-selling Author, Advocate for Peace and Forgiveness)

Imaculee’s talk was an example of the inside out transformation Sam spoke about. As a survivor as the Rwandan genocide (almost 1 million Tutsi were killed in 3 months) where she lost almost all of her family, she learnt that God is real and was able to forgive in spite of what she lived through. Imaculee survived along with 7 women where they stayed in a 3 by 4 bathroom for 91 days. She shared how God protected her when the house was searched and her struggle to forgive in her circumstances.

TG Takeaway: In those 3 months, Imaculee used the time to learn English- she also didn’t complain about her present circumstances. How can I use difficult/trying circumstances to grow?

Session 8- Gary Haugen (Founder of International Justice Mission)

Gary shared that our love & passion inspire our dreams. He pointed out that fear is the destroyer of dreams as it causes self preoccupation and urged us to relentlessly inventory our fears to expose the real fear that inhibits us. Gary also challenged us to switch from playing defense to playing offense and charge the darkness as we pursue our dreams. Finally, he reinforced the importance of forging a community of courage around us to offer strength and support.

Quote: All the best leadership training in the world can be rendered useless by fear. Gary Haugen

Gary’s session was exactly what was need to close out the conference and encourage us to not be hindered by fear, rather step out and do what God is calling us to do in order to effect change in our spheres of influence.

The GLS team also sang the following song which reinforced this message for us to be Champions of Change.

GLS Day 2 Thankfulness- Going into this conference, I prayed and asked God to use GLS to change me and He did exactly that as I learnt from each speaker, I was challenged and also encouraged to step up.

How are you challenged to step up in your life this year?

Are You Really In?

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  1. Ronnie Quimby says:

    again WOW.
    so glad you have shared your experience.

    you can change your world by definately stepping up and being all in

    1. Thanks so much for your comment.

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