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AYRI- Tip for Bible Memorisation

I often have the best intentions for memorising Bible verses so I can have them ready to be quickly accessed when needed. However, the reality is that I lack consistency in this area.

I recently discovered this great resource, The Verses Project, which puts Bible verses to music so it becomes a mini song which makes it so much easier to learn and remember. They also share some thoughts on the verse and create artwork using the verse that you save as a screensaver on your desktop, phone or tablet.

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One of the best things about Jesus is that he forgives us despite our past failings and we can start with a clean slate with him. I’m stepping out and challenging myself to memorise a verse per week until the end of 2017 (22 verses in 5 months). I’ll post the verse I’m memorising each week and if it is on the Verses Project, I’ll also link to it.

22/5 Challenge, here I come! Feel free to join me 🙂


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