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AYRI- REVIEW: No Spend Week Challenge

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. Matthew 6:21 (NIV)

I completed my first No-Spend Challenge last week and I look forward to recapping and sharing my experience here.

Quick Summary

The week was relatively uneventful with the weekend being the most busiest & challenging. Planning ahead certainly helped as I made sure to pack snacks when I was on the road so I would not be tempted to purchase anything which is one of my common purchases. Aside from the 2 expenses that I had anticipated related to travel and business, I succeeded in not spending any money in day-today expenses, woohoo 🙂 !

Most Challenging Part

I went browsing in the stores on Saturday with the plan of returning if I saw anything that caught by interest. Nevertheless, it was still quite difficult to walk past some things that I know I will need soon as I prepare for the Christmas season.

Easiest Part

Being home for the most of the week (I work remotely) was a distinct advantage as I did not have to pass places that could be temptations for me. Also, the short time frame meant that I could postpone any spending without any major impact.

Looking Ahead

Given how hectic the rest of the year will be, I look forward to completing another challenge in the New Year and I will attempt a longer timeframe.



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